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We provide a fully circular recycling method for wind turbine blades and GFRP composites in an industrial scale worldwide.


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Energy Conversion

In Germany alone, the chemical industry uses around 15 million tonnes of carbon each year to make products such as plastics, adhesives, lubricants and cosmetics. They are used in everyday items such as hospital supplies, appliances and convenience products. The question is ‘why do we need virgin resources for this’ – isn’t it smarter to convert what is already in the current product system?

Resource Mining

Every day, new products are made from new resources.

We believe it is smarter to reuse what is already in the system. Thinking ahead about how your product can be reused or recycled is key to carbon neutral production. Extracting resources from industrial ‘waste’ is crucial to preserving natural resources for future generations.

Hydrogen Generation

As a substitute for fossil fuels, hydrogen plays a key role in decarbonisation and thus in achieving climate goals. Hydrogen is therefore an essential part of a sustainable future. Demand is set to grow in various sectors. To meet this demand and provide sufficient hydrogen, industrial solutions are needed. By converting industrial waste products into hydrogen, we contribute to this mission.

How it works

In a nutshell – we are seperating the glass fibers from the epoxy and polymers in a patented process. This unique development allows us to recycle the glass, re-generate all carbonates for new product use and generate hydrogen from a synthesis gas.

Resource Mining

Urban mining can be seen as a complement to waste management, extracting secondary raw materials from long-lived goods and deposits. It offers an economic advantage in the face of increasing competition for scarce resources. Most importantly, urban mining offers great opportunities for our environment. This circular economy approach makes it possible to recycle high-value materials. This conserves natural resources and secures the livelihoods of present and future generations.

Why it matters.

For our future on this planet, decarbonisation must take place across a wide range of sectors. This applies not only to the energy sector, but also to industry, transport and buildings. Extreme challenges require unique approaches – thus we have set out to make it work!


Doing more with less

We believe it’s possible.

“When you don’t have resources, you become resourceful.” KR Sridhar (Chief Executive Officer, Bloom Energy)


Make wind turbines 100% recyclable : Wind turbines are built and run to fight climate change. Let’s achieve this goal from start to finish!


Entrepreneurial responsibility: Our mission is inspired by Kellie McElhaney of the University of California: “It’s not about how you spend the money you make.  It’s how you make the money you spend.”

Next Generation

For our children: The youngest generation deserves to grow up in a world with solutions to the problems created by previous generations.

Net Zero

CO2 | Net Zero: Production and recycling processes can be 100% CO2 neutral and 0% circular. We need to start redesigning all products to be 100% circular to conserve virgin resources. Our goal is to be 100% CO2 neutral and to recycle every element of the rotor blades.

Are You Ready to Dive Into Energy Conversion?

Power for the Future 

For our future on this planet, decarbonisation must take place across a wide range of sectors. This approach is known as sector coupling. 

But how do we fit into this picture?

Quite simply, we connect the wind energy sector, the product manufacturing sector and all the hydrogen consumers, such as the transport sector. We provide a solution to the wind industry’s recycling problem by recycling their blades. The hydrogen produced can be used as an alternative fuel in the transport sector. In addition, the regenerated carbon can be processed into high-value products in the manufacturing sector. In this way, emissions and resources can be reduced.

Thinking big!

Blade recycling capacity

Hydrogen generated

carbonates regenerated

SiO2 saved


if energy is re-generative


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